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When Hope for Healing Resurrected

  The day I realized my hope had died I stood in worship, surrounded by women, all praising God. The conference had only been going for one day and the theme had nothing specifically to do with healing. But there I stood – hopeless, no longer awaiting healing – assuming my prayers would never be answered. The speaker had finished her message and moved into prayer and prophesy, uplifting … [Read More...]

The Difference Between Hoping FOR Something and Hoping IN Someone

Hoping FOR SOMETHING is drastically different than hoping IN SOMEONE. I know, because for a long time, I hoped for something. I didn't do it intentionally. In fact, I didn't even realize I was doing it at the time. I thought I was simply living in faith. I thought I was maintaining hope through a painful situation. Looking back now, though, I know I wasn't really. I was hoping that … [Read More...]

Get Your Hopes Up – Gifts in Your Future

You likely had a schedule for this week, a to-do list (if only in your mind) that you wanted to check off. How is it going so far? We are lousy predictors of what’s next. Five years ago (five months, five days), could you have predicted the events happening in our country today? In your church? Even in your family? Unexpected > Expected We can plan and prepare, but life is often more … [Read More...]

New Life in Christ Today!

The caterpillar inches along the leaf, devouring it methodically. We stare at it wide-eyed, marveling at its persistence, jaws chomping unceasingly. I hold back a shudder as its squishy body moves … [Read More...]

Prophet, Priest & King – What The Offices of Christ Mean

Threaded throughout the Bible are various names and titles of Christ. They reveal who He is and shed light on His character. But three very distinct titles define the offices in which He holds. … [Read More...]

Connection is Key to Service

Yesterday, Sandra gave us a beautiful parallel as to why we need the local church. Today we are going to look at why we need to serve through a local body of believers. I'm going to preface this post … [Read More...]

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