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It Is Well with My Soul -

It is Well With My Soul – a hymn borne from tragedy

Few of us have experienced the kind of serial tragedy that Horatio Spafford (b.1828-d.1888) endured. A Chicago lawyer, Spafford had just invested heavily in property when the Great Chicago Fire broke out in 1871. He lost most of his property and experienced a financial crisis as a result. A few years later, in 1873, Spafford decided the family needed a vacation. He was friends with preacher D. … [Read More...]

Songs that Reveal Beauty and Grace in Brokenness {}

Songs Revealing Beauty and Grace Out of Brokenness

I sometimes get lost in my brokenness. I focus too deeply on my problems. Sit too long on my mistakes. Refuse grace-given love too frequently. I’m broken and don’t deserve love, but that’s the point of grace. Depths of Music As much as I love words (and, like Ali, I really do), music (and dance) can express depths where words sometimes cannot breach. When you think of brokenness and … [Read More...]

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Come thou Fount: a song for wanderers

Mighty truths and stirring melodies often meld in the forge of pain. Englishman Robert Robinson wasn't the first boy to habitually wander from the narrow path. He only went to a meeting to hear George Whitefield so he could mock it, but instead, he changed. As a young adult trying to etch out a new path for life, he wrote down the anthem of his heart. It's an invitation, a declaration, and a … [Read More...]

Welcome at the King's Table by Teri Lynne Underwood

I Am Adopted: Welcome at the Table

I stood in a room filled to the brim with people.  The beautiful kind of people.  All of them in groups—some were laughing together, others huddled close for intimate conversation.  I looked around at … [Read More...]

Welcome Forgiveness

We were ministry leaders when our staff supervisor changed our structure. For no special reason, I was told first and asked to explain to Debbie*. She had been in our ministry longer than I had, and … [Read More...]


Gifts from a personal God

She may have thought the worst had already happened. Her husband had died. In the male-dominated Jewish culture, women were economically dependent upon male relatives. At least she still had her … [Read More...]

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