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Even if I am to be poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrificial offering of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with you all. - Philippians 2:17

Shine Like Stars: Give and Rejoice {Philippians 2:17-18}

We have spent this month reading and reflecting on Philippians 2… on how we who walk with Christ are called to shine like stars in our often dark world. How do we shine? By... reflecting Christ’s light being united living unselfishly listening working with God not complaining, and holding fast to God’s Word Our final verses in this month’s study are Philippians … [Read More...]


It’s time! Register today for James 1

You still have time to join us in memorizing James 1! As we journey through this practical chapter, we’ll be praying the Lord will help us count our trials as joys (James 1:2), ask for wisdom with confidence (James 1:6), see good gifts from God (James 1:17), be slower to anger (James 1:19), and so much more. It’s a packed chapter! We’ll travel at a slow pace—1 to 2 verses per week with 2 … [Read More...]

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How to Make Easter All About Jesus {free resource}

We all know how easy it is to let the culture dictate our norms. Nowhere is that more highlighted than during Christian holidays. Santa Claus and presents become the dominating theme at Christmas. The Easter Bunny and candy overwhelm our senses at Easter. Jesus gets crowded out more every year. In order to nurture our children in the Lord, we have to be intentional about how we celebrate. … [Read More...]

Can’t we all just get along?

Saturday morning I sat on the sidelines of the soccer field,  compelled to listen as a woman approached a couple beside us. They spent the 3rd quarter sharing evaluations of local churches, including: … [Read More...]


How to be brave

If you could substitute your fear today with love, how differently would you live? I’ve seen it; you have too. The shy, in-the-background woman suddenly can keep quiet no longer. Someone she loves is … [Read More...]

Christ in Old Testament Prophecy

Remember counting down the days until Christmas when you were a child? The anticipation? There were signs Christmas was coming: decorations, Christmas songs, and gifts showing up under the tree. Even … [Read More...]

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