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4 Ways to Love Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, like God Loves Us

When my mom was in her 50s, she would have sleepovers for the grandkids. She would host huge family meals. She would go to lunch with friends. But in her 60s, she began wondering how to use the remote control, forget who a cousin was, and make list after list to remember what to do tomorrow. By her 70s, she was in full-blown Alzheimer’s. As the disease progressed and her dependence … [Read More...]

Love Serves: Showing Christ’s Love on Valentine’s Day

  I started seeing the hearts two weeks before Christmas, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Yes, in the middle of December, there they were - store shelves lined with Valentine’s Day cards and candy. Valentine’s Day is one of those “holidays” that if you are a little bit cynical you might suspect is more commercial than anything. Another way for card and candy companies to make money, … [Read More...]

When We’re Afraid to Pray Aloud – Memorizing Matthew 6:7-8

Are you scared to pray aloud? For many, praying in front of others is akin to public speaking, one of their great fears. We're afraid we'll fumble our words; we'll lose our train of thought; we'll sound stupid. Most of those fears are based on what? Fear of what other people will think about us. But in our memory verses this week, Jesus says that praying aloud isn't about being heard by … [Read More...]

Connection is Key to Service

Yesterday, Sandra gave us a beautiful parallel as to why we need the local church. Today we are going to look at why we need to serve through a local body of believers. I'm going to preface this post … [Read More...]

Are you there God?

Have you ever stood on the shore with the waves lapping around your feet and felt insignificant due to a sense of something – or Someone – much greater than yourself? Have you ever gazed up at a … [Read More...]

If we are the body…

I hope that you have been blessed and challenged by our look at the beautiful and sometimes difficult thing we know as the local church. As believers in Christ, we are part of the body... and if we … [Read More...]

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