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Rahab Uncommon Faith

Rahab: common woman, uncommon faith

How does a common woman who makes a living using her sensual skills end up in the faith chapter of Hebrews? If there’s hope for Rahab to be praised for living by faith and to end up in the family line of Jesus,  there’s hope for women today.  Common women can live by uncommon faith. If you’ve ever wondered if Rahab’s deal with the two spies was really an act of faith or simply good business, … [Read More...]


The greatest love – John 15:13-14 {Memory verse}

The ultimate love is the ultimate sacrifice.  Rarely are we called to die for our friends, but daily we are called to lay down our phones, lay down our "me" time, lay down our schedules, etc., for our friends. What will you lay down this week? Whether or not you're memorizing with us, keep these words of Jesus close to your heart the next few days. His love is the ultimate. 13  Greater love … [Read More...]


Follow the crowd – Good or bad advice?

LOST AND ALONE We were giving away free cotton candy at KidVenture. The children rushed to our booth with expectant smiles. Except for a 4-year-old blonde-haired boy. His eyes showed fear: he’d lost his mama. Even though he was surrounded by people, he couldn’t find his people, his mother and his brother. His bravery to climb the jungle gym and even his excitement to eat free candy had … [Read More...]

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Names of God: Jehovah Shammah

“The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” – Psalm 46:11 Kathy opened this month’s study sharing the power and meaning behind names, especially as we study God’s names. An … [Read More...]


Your Moment of Surrender – 5 Little Things to Give Up

I dream that in a moment of dramatic testing, I’d make the big sacrifice. You know the one—gun to the head, demanding me to deny Jesus, my very life at stake. And I boldly proclaim, “Jesus forever!”, … [Read More...]


Gifts from a personal God

She may have thought the worst had already happened. Her husband had died. In the male-dominated Jewish culture, women were economically dependent upon male relatives. At least she still had her … [Read More...]

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