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Freedom in Christ,

Freedom in Christ

Here in the USA, we'll soon be celebrating how our nation declared, then won its independence long ago.  We gather together with friends and family to celebrate our freedoms. I love all the July 4th festivities... and it reminds me that the very best kind of freedom is the freedom God offers us through His son, Jesus Christ! Now, that freedom is definitely worth celebrating, right? Thank … [Read More...]

A Summertime Bible Study -- worship The Marvelous Creator with us at

Marvelous Creator – Wrap Up

Have you had the opportunity to spend some quality time outside this summer? We hope you’ve been awed and amazed by God’s Marvelous Creation just as we have. We’ve spent all this month focusing on the fact that God’s handiwork is designed to point our heart toward Him.  The Master Artist desires our worship and praise in response to His love, power, and majesty. I wrote about how a storm … [Read More...]

The Gift of Water - a post in the Marvelous Creator Bible Study series at

Marvelous Creator: The Gift of Water

  It is summer and many of us are on the move - on vacation and in search of rest and a break from our daily lives. Have you ever noticed that vacations are often planned near water? There is something about a body of water that draws us. Historically, people lived near water because survival depended on it. With modern water systems, we now tend more often to think of lakes, rivers and … [Read More...]

What did you say

10 Churchy Words We All Need to Know

Last fall, I spent two weeks in Moldova. Most of the people speak Russian. Since I don’t, I often wondered what people were talking about. Translators helped, but I longed to understand and speak the … [Read More...]

So What Doctrines in February

John Piper writes, "Wimpy theology makes wimpy women." Because we here at Scripture Dig agree with him, we're tackling a deep topic this month--doctrine. Even though you  may not use the word … [Read More...]


All One in Christ Jesus through Our Adoption

Yesterday we had a speaker from Gospel for Asia at our church, sharing stories of tragedy and triumph from their ministry in India. He repeatedly called us, "brother and sisters." Here was a man who … [Read More...]

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