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10 Favorite Christmas and Advent Books for Kids {}

Christmas and Advent Books {Let the Children Come}

Last December, we shared a round-up of Christmas and Advent activities and crafts. (Be sure to check that post for ideas, if you're still looking for some to implement in the next week!) This year, we'd like to share a list of ten of our favorite Christmas and Advent books for your preschoolers, elementary, and middle school-aged kids!   Christmas and Advent Books  by Dandi Daley … [Read More...]

The Uncommon Gift of Obedience- Do Not Depart

The Uncommon Gift of Obedience: Joseph

All this month at Do Not Depart, we're talking about uncommon gifts that were given that first Christmas: the wise men who gave their worship, Elizabeth who gave hospitality, Mary who gave up her identity (and then received a new one), and others. Each of these people played an integral part of bringing the Savior into the world. There's one person I want to focus on today who gave an … [Read More...]


Is God your go-to place? – Psalm 27:5 {Memory verse}

When things get too hectic, where do you go? Do you have a special getaway place to de-stress? David trusted God to be his go-to place. And so can we. When we feel exposed to the bitter winds of life, God throws a blanket over us. When we’re turned around with nowhere to run, He takes us in as family into His own dwelling. He raises us up so high that we’re out of reach of our enemies. No … [Read More...]

The Real Temptation

Every temptation to sin is, in the moment, a temptation to disbelieve the gospel-the temptation to secure for ourselves in that moment something we think we need in order to be happy, something we … [Read More...]

Man’s Sin Nature

Our passage today is Ephesians 2:1-3. In these verses, Paul paints a serious picture of our relationship with a Holy God before we are saved. None of us can say like Switzerland in World War II, “I’m … [Read More...]

Jesus - The One True Sacrifice and what that means at

Jesus – The One True Sacrifice

Yesterday, I spoke with a very dear friend who's going through a period of many difficult health issues. Even though her body is weak, her spirit is strong. My conversation with her confirmed to me … [Read More...]

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