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Encouragement healing

Encouragement for when you long for healing

I showed up with her favorite lunch, which we shared while chatting at her bedside. She sat in her wheelchair while I perched where her roommate could keep a jealous eye on me. I asked about her bruising and her wrapped foot, her therapy and her progress. We talked and remembered and planned for a future drive to her childhood homeplace and an Autumn trip to the mountains. But inside, where I … [Read More...]


Once we see – John 15:23-24 {Memory verse}

Even though Jesus personified Love, He wasn't always loved in return. Not then, not now. 23  Whoever hates me hates my Father also. 24  If I had not done among them the works that no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin, but now they have seen and hated both me and my Father. John 15:23-24 Once we've seen Him and His works, the choice to love or hate rests with us. Let's choose wisely … [Read More...]


6 Love Notes from Scripture to Print and Share

Where were you thirteen years ago on 9/11? I was at Domino’s Pizza on a field trip with my daughters. As the children were making their own pizzas, we moms noticed the workers flocking to the kitchen, gathering around a small TV. They were in shock. Shortly we were, too. And we all wanted to be with those we loved. Remember the great displays of love and faith that followed, passing … [Read More...]


How to Prioritize Bible Study with Freedom {Guest Post}

Do Not Depart is pleased to welcome Mary Beth from New Life Steward as our guest today... At at 3:37 AM I stumbled into bed after rocking my toddler back to sleep. I turned my alarm off—thinking my … [Read More...]


A Surrendered Life

Surrender. What image does the word conjure up for you? Perhaps you imagine a white flag waving or hands raised high in the air. We sing about surrender in church, but do we really practice it? … [Read More...]

Signed, sealed, and safely delivered

My daughter, Sarah, and her fiancé, Justin, are getting married June 18th. We’ve been busy with a variety of exciting wedding tasks. For instance, I’ve helped make program fans, address invitations, … [Read More...]

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