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Key Greek Words – Wrap Up

All this month we’ve looked at Key Greek Words of the New Testament. At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that words in koine Greek have rich meaning and subtle nuances that really enhance the message the words relay. I hope our posts this month demonstrated that well. It’s really amazing to me how rich and deep God’s word is. And that’s why reading it once is never enough. The more we read … [Read More...]

Agapé: Divine Love

  I am fascinated by Greek word studies, and if you are too, I expect that you have found this month’s series on Greek words in the New Testament quite interesting. You may have encountered a few new words, but if you already knew a Koine Greek word before our series began, it was probably agapé. Agapé, and its verb counterpart agapaō, are the Koine Greek words for love. The meaning of … [Read More...]

7 Prayers for When You Feel Discouraged – Plus a New Resource!

Goodness, this life is hard sometimes. It’s easy to get discouraged and to wonder why God isn’t fixing your situation. I’ve wondered it more than a time or two in the past few years. My husband and I lost four babies over a span of three years. During that time, there were many instances when I wondered what to pray…how to pray. I didn’t want to pray for a healthy baby and then be … [Read More...]

Gifts from a personal God

She may have thought the worst had already happened. Her husband had died. In the male-dominated Jewish culture, women were economically dependent upon male relatives. At least she still had her … [Read More...]

El Roi–The God Who Sees Me

Have you ever felt like your problems weren’t actually your fault? Someone else made a mistake at work, but you have to fix it. Your husband wanted the new TV, but now you both have more credit … [Read More...]

Jesus the Messiah

Almost from the moment Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, humans have known they needed help. They needed Someone sent from God, anointed to save them. I find it … [Read More...]

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