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The Greatest High Priest (and why that matters) -

The Greatest High Priest

So far this month, we’ve discussed Jesus as the One True Sacrifice, as human, as divine. And all of this plays into His role as our High Priest. The “high priest” can be defined as “ruler of the house of God” (, p. 928). In the Old Testament, Aaron was the first designated high priest. His duties, his clothes, and his obligations were all different from any other priest or common followers … [Read More...]

How can you teach your kids to be more missionally mined? ideas for cultivating a servant's heart in children.

Teaching Kids to Be Missionally Minded

Many parents wonder how to teach their children to be missionally minded - to be more outward focused instead of focused on themselves. Children learn not only by word (what you teach) but also by example (what you do.) If you live a missionally minded life, your children will observe your choices and learn from you. Start at Home The first step in nurturing a servant-hearted worldview is to … [Read More...]

Beliefs and Obedience.001

How Our Beliefs Affect Our Emotions

After a local musical performance of The Little Mermaid, Jr., a little three-year-old girl, Tori, bounced excitedly out to the lobby to meet the actors. Still dressed in their costumes, the characters awaited Tori and the other members of the audience, who herded through the foyer to the front door of the theatre. Tori walked joyfully as she acknowledged the Poor Unfortunate Souls, the Sailors, … [Read More...]

What is “church?”

Do you remember that old kid’s rhyme we used to do with hand motions? Here’s the church; here’s the steeple; open the door and here’s all the people. Cute and fun to do with your kids, but it’s just … [Read More...]

Word became flesh

Celebrate the Word with our words

As we praise, as we share, as we converse, as we witness ... may our words be an offering to the Word who became like us, to live among us, and then give His life for us. … [Read More...]

Names of God

Names of God: Jehovah Rohi

When fear regarding the cares of this world sets in, we must remember God's promise to care for us. ~ Elizabeth George Do you get afraid?  Or lonely?  Or intimidated?  Or uncertain?   Yeah, me … [Read More...]

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