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Encouragement in the Word from

Encouragement in the Word

  September is a busy time of year. The lazy days of summer have past, students are returning to classes, and thoughts are turning to cooler weather. It is easy to get so distracted by all the rushing about that we forget to keep our hearts and minds meditating on Truth. We want to encourage you to abide in God's Word every day, especially on your busy days.  Especially on the days when you … [Read More...]


Review week – John 15:1-20 {Memory verse}

Have you memorized any verses with us this summer from John 15? This week, September 1 - September 7, we're not adding anything new, but reviewing previous verses. Use the time to solidify what you already learned, or play catch-up, or just take a breather! … [Read More...]

Wrap Up Purity for Today's Christian Woman

WRAP UP of Purity for Today’s Christian Woman

Does purity really matter? That's the question we considered this month. As we said when August was just getting started, "If we're going to talk about God's truth, we have to talk about Purity for Today's Christian Woman." We hope the Bible study tools this month have challenged and helped you as they have us. Before the month slips away and we turn the page on the calendar, let's wrap up with … [Read More...]

It’s a Process (Es Un Proceso) – Or is it?

Our first year on the mission field was spent in the classroom learning Spanish. Sometimes our brains would hit a wall and we'd get so frustrated. How could we reach a nation if we couldn't even speak … [Read More...]

Empty into full

She arrived empty handed, shuffling into Bethlehem, far from her homeland, away from her relatives, without possessions, bringing only memories of the pain that sent her there and the hope that got … [Read More...]

More than a still life

A “still life” is an artist’s rendering of inanimate objects, such as a painting of a bowl of fruit. These inactive, dormant objects do nothing but sit still. They are not active in the painting. The … [Read More...]

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