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Godly Women: Stories of Faithful Daughters

Godly Women: A Recap

  We hope you have enjoyed our stories of inspirational and godly women this month. The testimonies and lives of fellow believers can be so encouraging as we walk the narrow path that is Jesus' way! Here are the precious sisters whose stories we have shared with you: We started our series with Monica of Hippo, mother of Augustine, whose quiet faith and perseverance in prayer was … [Read More...]

Fanny Crosby, Fruitful in Affliction at

Fanny Crosby, Fruitful in Affliction

  Sometimes life is hard. Really hard. And not one of us is exempt from experiencing difficulty on this earth. But thankfully, we Believers are promised companionship, help, and strength from God along our way. This whole month, we’ve been studying Godly Women here at DoNotDepart, allowing their stories to inspire us and touch our hearts. These amazing women have much to teach us, and I … [Read More...]


Who has your back? – Psalm 27:10 {Memory verse}

Even though I was in my 40s, when my father died in February 2010 and my mother followed in September 2010, I still felt orphaned. I had been blessed to have had both a wonderful (albeit imperfect) father and mother. Yet even in the most natural of circumstances, diseases beyond their control, I still felt an unnatural sense of being forsaken, left alone in the world. What did David mean in … [Read More...]

Abundant Living is Rightfully Ours

He means for His Word to spill from our hands and lips into our homes and neighborhoods and world. If what I read isn't affecting how I treat my family or what I say to the grocery store clerk, then … [Read More...]

The Greatest High Priest (and why that matters) -

The Greatest High Priest

So far this month, we’ve discussed Jesus as the One True Sacrifice, as human, as divine. And all of this plays into His role as our High Priest. The “high priest” can be defined as “ruler of the … [Read More...]

Why Should I Surrender? -

Why Should I Surrender to God?

Love your enemies. It is not the first thing that comes to mind when I am in a trying situation. God's Word is filled with challenging commands and nonintuitive expectations. Can anyone say … [Read More...]

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