I Thirst, He Satisfies {Run to Him Psalm 63}

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Scott was gone to youth camp, I was home with a sick little girl.  She’d had a stomach bug and still wasn’t 100%.   She woke up one morning sobbing about how bad she felt.   “Please, Mommy, just take me to the hospital.  Please.”  When your child, who has seen her Daddy in ICU, begs to be taken to the hospital because she feels so bad, you do it.

I loaded her up and called Scott from the car to tell him what we were doing.   We got to the ER and within a few moments, my nine-year-old had an IV with a bag of fluids pouring into her.   About halfway through that first bag, she started asking for popsicles which the nurses kept bringing – grape, orange, cherry, whatever she wanted.  By the end of that first bag of fluids, her color was back and so was her cheerful personality.

She had completely dehydrated.   But there was a simple solution.

Have you ever been dehydrated spiritually? 

Worn out from the push and pull of life, overextended by the demands on time and energy?

We need that Living Water Jesus offered to the Samaritan woman at the well.   Our souls thirst for the fullness of Christ in us.   David speaks to this insatiable longing in Psalm 63:

O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;

My soul thirsts for you;

My flesh faints for you,

As in a dry and weary land where there is no water. (v. 1)

We thirst for Him.   We were created to thirst for Him.

Desperate for His presence in our lives.  Longing for His power in our circumstances.  Pleading for His provision in our need.

And He, this God who sees us, He satisfies.  Completely.  Abundantly.  Fully.


His love is steadfast. (v. 3)

His provision is certain. (v. 5)

His help is constant. (v. 7)

His protection sure. (v.9)

He upholds us with His mighty right hand. (v. 8)

And He reigns. (v. 11)


So often we languish in our deserts, wandering in a dryness that is not intended for us.

Just as my sweet girl needed to be hooked up to the IV and receive the fluids that would revive her body and restore her spirit, so we believers in the Living God need to be connected to the Word and the Word-Made-Flesh. 

As we allow His living water to pour through our lives, we are revived in body, restored in spirit, and find our satisfaction – full and complete – in Him.

How have you found yourself wandering in that desert-place lately?  What prompts you to run to Him when you are dry?  Is this your first thought?   How can you retrain your mind and your heart to live in the truth that His love is truly better than life?