Jesus Came to Seek & to Save the Lost


Just on the heels of Jesus’ encounter with a wee little man we find these eternity-altering words… “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10

In this beautiful story of redemption we see a sinner willing to look foolish in his attempts to sneak a peek at the Savior. Could this man who told the woman at the well everything she had ever done give this tax collecting thief any hope? Had He really healed the sick and raised the dead? Was He really the long awaited Messiah?

As we examine this interesting account we find  Zacchaeus seeking to see Jesus (vs 3) and Jesus seeking (vs 10) and saving the lost. The same verb is used here and it means to seek or strive after something or someone.

While reading through these verses with this verb comparison in mind, I couldn’t help but think that although Zacchaeus thought he was seeking Jesus, it was Jesus who was seeking Him. Zacchaeus was lost, without hope and without a future. But Jesus showed up, raised a few eyebrows when he went to Zacchaeus’ home for a bite to eat and then, after listening to Zacchaeus repent, Jesus declares His purpose statement.

Zacchaeus may have scurried up a tree seeking the Savior, but the Savior left heaven to seek out Zacchaeus…to seek out sinners…to seek out you and me! The purpose our precious Lord came to this earth was so that we could be saved…so those who have have no future and no hope could find salvation.

Being lost in the city or lost in the woods is a bad thing. But it’s only temporary. Eventually you find your way out. But being lost in your sin is very different. It’s eternal unless the Savior who came to seek and save us does just that. And when we get to that place where we are finally ready to scurry up a tree to seek out the Savior, we find that He’s been the One seeking after us all the while and then we understand this eternity-altering truth…Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. Aren’t you glad He did!?

How does the truth that Jesus seeks and saves change your life? We would love to hear your own story about how Jesus sought you out and saved you!

Stephanie Shott

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  1. Beth leach says:

    Wonderfully put!

  2. Hi Beth! Thanks for popping in and digging with us! I’m just loving this whole “Jesus Came to…” series! What a wonderful Savior we serve!

  3. Jesus sought me out of my own life goals and moved me from believing to following. It took a hurtful failure to wake me, but that failure is one of my most precious gifts from him because that’s where my seeking took true priority.

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