Top Ten Online Bible Study Tools

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We are blessed tremendously by the loads of online tools we have at our fingertips! Here are the top ten sites I use to help me study the Bible.

  1. The ESV Online Bible This is my favorite version of scripture to study from. Love that this site also has an audio version!
  2. This is a treasure chest. Seriously. Decades of sermons, articles and even free books. There are over 50 books by John Piper and other authors that are free to download. This is my go-to place when I am studying something and want to hear good teaching on it. If you are wondering about how to interpret a particular passage, you can look up the passage by reference and find tons of resources.
  3. I really like this site. You can look up a verse and see the original greek for each verse. No, I don’t know greek! This site makes it easy to find the original greek word (just click the “C” box to the left of the verse.) There is much to be opened up to us, as we read the original meaning of the word choices by the authors of scripture. This site also has charts, diagrams and maps that are helpful towards understanding the original context of the text. Highly recommend this site!
  4. This is like Wikipedia, but all about the Bible, theology and the history of Christianity. From the site: “Theopedia is a growing online encyclopedia of biblical Christianity. Theopedia uses wiki technology, which is essentially a community-driven, information-management system.”
  5. An online parallel Bible. Great for when you want to see one verse in a bunch of different translations, quickly.
  6. I like this for a quick lookup of a verse, or a key word. Just about any version you would be looking for is here. It also has a topical index and a few commentaries
  7. This is very similar to, but you may find you prefer the layout of one over another.
  8. This is “sister site” of It has commentaries, Bible encyclopedia and dictionary, parallel Bible…loads of stuff here!
  9. A new-to-me site, but I like what I see so far. Especially helpful if you are looking for commentary on a specific verse.
  10. What online sites do you use to help you study scripture? Leave a comment and share them with us!

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  1. Great list – I have not heard of Theopedia before! I use Blue Letter and Bible Gateway for most of my morning studies. I love for a good dose of Chambers! It also has a Bible reading plan to follow that is easy to follow with direct links to the passages!

  2. Wow, this is so useful. There are several here that I had not seen before. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this list! I’m really looking forward to using the Blue Letter Bible. :)

  4. I’m looking forward to checking these resources out closer. Thank you so much for sharing this list.

  5. I really like It has 100+ reading plans/Bible studies. It also has an App so you can use it on a smart phone which makes taking the Bible with you easier!

  6. I just discovered the ESV online bible, myself. I love the audio version! I look forward to checking out some of these other resources.

  7. I listen to the audio version on my drive to work and on my drive home.It does wonders for preparing the work day and also helps leave work at work on the drive home.

  8. I appreciate your list. Some sites were new to me and I look forward to checking out the others. I clicked on your list because I’ve been searching for a site that will show a map that relates to the bible verse. I used a site two years ago that had that type of parallel map, but I can’t find it any longer and it just may not exist now….but I am hopeful that you are someone else may know of a similar website.

  9. I was going to mention, but someone already did. There is also , an online audio Bible (great to have in the background while you’re busy, you and the children pick up lots more than you’d think that way! Also, it’s not “online”, but it’s such a great resource: is a free download with lots of free translations and commentaries and maps and all kinds of things available as add-ons. We’ve used it for years and never had any problems :0)

  10. David Ridge says:

    Although the word Online Bible @ may be confusing if you all checked its history you would become familiar how that developed. Even though I have others this Help is my primary tool for Bible Study. Even and although there are a few unlocks that need to be remitted for there are many freebies that are downloadable. So, I highly recommend this software package.

  11. NET Bible is a pretty solid place to do cross reference as well as looking into multiple notes, ideas, or simply make your own. Check it out

  12. maybe you would like the

  13. is a great site amidst the wonderful list mentioned!

  14. – Cooperative, mobile and desktop, interactive bible research and study tool


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