Bible Notebook: Sermon Note Sheet for Children

I sit on the front row of chairs every Sunday listening to my husband/preacher with our son by my side. Most weeks our almost-seven year old is wiggly and just can’t help but loudly whisper, “Is Daddy almost finished?” about five minutes after Daddy has started.

I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce him to the practice of taking notes during sermons. He’s still a little young to outline Daddy’s three points and the application, but he isn’t too young to listen well enough for the Holy Spirit to impress something on his heart from the pages of Scripture.

This listening sheet has room for notes and for a picture so your kids can illustrate what the sermon is about or what they will do to apply what they learned. You could even add their notes to your notebook!

Click here for your free printable: My Sermon Notes.  (perfect to go along with Caroline’s printable for your sermon notes!)


Sandra Peoples
Sandra strives to find God's grace every day in her roles as pastor's wife, boy mom, and advocate for autism and adoption. She has a Master of Divinity degree in Women's Studies and Biblical Languages, and is the author of the e-book, Speechless: Finding God's Grace in my Son's Autism.
Sandra Peoples
Sandra Peoples

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  1. Thank you Sandra for a wonderful idea! I’m just like you on the front row with a loud whisperer :) I sometimes write several words I think my husband will use in his sermon and have the kids keep a tally of how many times he says them to help them pay attention (I learned not to write down God or Jesus – it’s not fair, they just couldn’t keep up) As they get older, though, this Sermon Notes page will really help them actively listen to what is being taught.

  2. Using this THIS SUNDAY!! Thanks!

  3. Where do I find this sheet? I’m not seeing it.


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