Bible Notebook: Sermon and Seminar Notes

I love attending seminars and conferences with new-to-me speakers almost as much as I love listening to my fellowship’s regular speakers share.

Enthusiasm, passion, and encouragement cascade out of verbal speech. Listening to wise words motivates and heartens us. As much as I feel empowered from a sermon or conference session, I inevitably forget those amazing quotes—occasionally by the time I return home that evening!

As a visual learner, I sometimes follow and retain more information through written words.

This month on Do Not Depart, we’re sharing Bible Notebook components and tools. Check out the original post on creating your own Bible notebook here.

In an effort to organize our notes, I created this “sermon and seminar notes” printable. (To download this free printable, click here, right-click on the image, then choose “Save As…” to save the file on your computer.)printable notes sheet for sermons and seminar sessions

When I listen to a sermon or attend a conference, particular lines or verbiage spark thoughts on application in my own life or in ways to help others around me. I write down observations on theology, highlighted Scriptures, application ideas (especially regarding challenges and convictions), and areas I’d like to study or pray about further.

Right now, I categorize my notes according to which fellowship or conference attended—and usually chronologically. I may begin to organize these sheets based on topic or Scripture reference. What do you think?


Do you organize your Bible studies and sermon/seminar notes in a notebook? We’d love to hear how you note what you’ve learned in a sermon!

A wife, mother, avid reader, homeschooling momma, and writer, Caroline is imperfect at all of those but thankful for every bit. Eager to grow with believers in deeper, more grace-focused faith, Caroline loves to study His Word, share it with others, and learn more and more how to fully lean on Him to live it out. You can also find Caroline at Under God’s Mighty Hand and on Twitter.

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  1. I love this! Great idea, Caroline!

  2. This is an area I’m very disorganized in. I have scribbled notes on bulletin inserts and scraps of paper, all of which are stuffed in my Bible or purse or various places around the house. So this is a great idea. Thanks, Caroline.

    • In another slightly unsurprising way we’re alike, I do THE SAME THING, Lisa! :-) Whatever scraps of paper I can find have notes on them, and, yes, they’re stuffed in my Bible, too. :-) I’m hoping these sheets will help me increase organization, too.

  3. SUCH a great idea!! Want to have a notebook full of these ready for Sundays! Thanks Caroline!


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