Resources – Memorize Ephesians 1 {NEW Bible Memory Challenge}


  • Want to immerse yourself daily in God’s grace?
  • Remind yourself more often of the blessings you have in Christ?
  • Discover who you are in Him and why you are here?

Memorize Ephesians 1 with us for 12 weeks, beginning September 16.

By learning two verses a week, we’ll embed beautiful truths about Jesus and with Jesus deeper into our hearts.

For weekly accountability, join our Hide His Word Facebook group, follow #HideHisWord on Twitter, and log into our ScriptureTyper group.


Print or download as many of these free resources as you’d like.

Also check out Scripture Stickies for purchase. This is a set of removable sticky notes especially for our challenge. I have mine already and love them. Use this code—DONOTDEPART—to get a 10% discount when checking out.


We’d be honored if you’d mention our memory challenge on your blog (download the button here). And tweet or Facebook this:

Want to memorize a chapter of the Bible? Sign up for Ephesians 1 @DoNotDepart. #HideHisWord

Link up on Wednesday, September 18, with your own blog posts about this challenge or anything (new or old!) on your blog about scripture memory. Let’s share with those who are new to memorizing scripture that this is possible at any age.

If you’ll be joining us or have questions, let us know in the comments.

Lisa looks for God in ordinary people and in everyday moments, then shares where she finds Him on her blog She is a wife to Jeff and a mother to two girls here, one in heaven.

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  1. I am going to do this one this Fall! Yay, love Ephesians!

  2. I am very excited to have found this site through Joyful In His Presence! I am not very good at memorizing but I am going to get SOMETHING out of it! Thanks Lisa, Good to see you agiain (WOYN posts).

    • So glad you found us! I’m honestly not very good at memorizing either, but I always get so much out of time spent trying that I keep at it. That’s valuable as well. I pray this will be profitable in your own spiritual walk.

  3. Excited about doing this!

  4. I’ve signed up, but that’s not to say I’ll make it. Just that I’m going to try. My feeling is that even if I only memorise two verses in the whole session… it’s two more than I know today.

    • That’s wonderful, Jenn. Success isn’t measured by how many verses we learn. I always say a little is better than none. That actually motivates me to keep going more than thinking I *have* to do the whole thing, which can be overwhelming up front. :-)

      And if the Lord leads you to camp out in only one verse the whole time, that can be more glorifying to Him than someone who halfheartedly learns all the verses. It’s an individual thing. So glad you’re with us on this journey!

  5. I just found this site and I would totally join you, but I just finished memorizing Ephesians 1 two weeks ago. =) I am encouraged that others are memorizing as well. My first book was Titus, because I have a son named Titus. =) And now I’m working on Ephesians. I am into chapter 2 a few verses. I am wanting to encourage my ladies’ group to memorize, and I am excited to look at how you are doing this. I just used ScriptureTyper and an Android app called Remember Me and practiced on my own a bunch. I learned it by sentence instead of by verse, but that was difficult toward the end! Did you know what if you learn a chapter every 1-2 weeks, you can memorize the whole New Testament in only 5-10 years? I’m afraid to make it my goal, but how cool…

    • Thanks so much for leaving this comment, Kate. It’s encouraging to hear of others who are successfully memorizing Bible chapters! I pray for your journey in sharing this with your ladies’ group. I’ll be emailing you soon to swap experiences.

  6. Convicted about my lack of Bible memorization of late, I was prepared to start with a different chapter, but the power of community is a great draw–and accountability, I find, always increases my chances of success. Thankful to have found you, and for all the available tools. Excited to begin! “Blessed be the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing!” (Eph 1:3a)

  7. I know I’m a little late, but I’d like to join if that is still possible.

  8. I hope it is not too late! I am joining in on the memory challenge for Ephesians 1


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