Top 10 iPhone Apps for Spiritual Growth

With the recent advances in smart phones and tablet devices we  can’t give the excuse that we “don’t have time” to read the Bible. Or keep a prayer journal. Or encourage others with Scripture.

There are wonderful applications (aka “apps”) available, most for free, that allow you to grow spiritually and to minister to others on-the-go…in carpool line, waiting at the grocery store check-out line, in the doctor’s office…

I surveyed our Do Not Depart contributors and here are some of our favorite apps for spiritual growth & ministry. I’ve broken them into the following categories: Bible Study, Scripture Memory, Prayer, Worship, & Encouragement.

Bible Study Apps:

 1. You Version Bible (FREE)

  • This app is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm.
  • Over 100 different versions of the Bible in many different languages (I’ve used the Swahili version to share the Psalm 4 with a Muslim refugee from Somalia!)
  • Reading plans available.
  • Type any word or phrase for quick search of Scriptures (concordance).
  • Encourage others through sharing verses. Highlight a verse then with one button chose one of the following options:

**If you just want a copy of the English Standard Version (ESV) by Crossway Publishing, there is a free app for that specific version, and a paid app for the ESV Study Bible.

 2. (FREE) by Faith Comes by Hearing:

  • The most translations in the world.
  • 600+ languages including dramatized Audio
  • The JESUS Film Project too…New Testament Scripture comes to life.
  • They even have an app for kids!

   3. Matthew Henry Commentary ($1.99): 

  • What a deal!! “The complete six volume set (over 5,850 pages) of trusted verse-by-verse commentary of the entire holy bible with over 64,000 scripture references at your finger tips – fast and easy to use.”

 4. Logos (FREE): 

  • This app is similar to the YouVersion app but it differs in that you can connect it with a Logos account. Therefore you can make notes & highlight verses (80 different colors & symbols available) that are saved across devices (your phone & computer).
  • Pull up any verse and compare it across any 5 different versions…on one screen.
  • “The Passage Guide allows you to enter a verse and get a detailed report that includes relevant commentaries, cross references, literary typing, and media resources.”
  • Highlight a word in a verse to look up the Greek/Hebrew for further study.

Scripture Memory Apps:

  5. Bible Memory Verses (FREE) by Woody Hays

  • 1,000 Bible verses to chose from to memorize in 4 different versions of the Bible (ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV).
  • “A word removal tool, flashcard tool, audio record & playback functions, search function and the ability for users to add their own verses.”
  • Includes quizzes to allow users to test their knowledge.

 6. Fighter Verses ($2.99) by Children Desiring God (John Piper Ministries)

If you want a little more than the Free app mentioned above…this app has:

  • Has 520 verses preloaded in 6 different translations of the Bible (ESV, NIV, NASB, HCSB, KJV, LBLA (Spanish)).
  • Four unique quizzes: Quick Blanks, Word Bank, Typing, & Reference (match the reference to text).
  • Display the verse you are memorizing on your Lock screen so it pulls up every time you turn on your phone.
  • Set a schedule for weekly memory and get daily or weekly reminders.
  • Songs available to help memorize.

**Here is one more app to check out for Scripture Memory: Mobilize Faith Bible Memory ($5.99)

Prayer Apps: 

echo-prayer  7. Echo Prayer Manager (FREE) 

  • Keeps track of prayer requests
  • Can send reminders
  • Set timer to pray for set period
  • Record dates requests were made and answered. Review God’s faithfulness as you scroll through answered prayers!
  • Email prayers to friends to encourage them.

Worship Apps: 

 8. Pandora (FREE):

  • This personalized radio station is wonderful for helping you worship during your quiet time, re-focus on God while cooking dinner, or praise His goodness while folding laundry.
  • Type in an artist’s name, style of music or song to set up a radio station. The app will then choose music to fit into that station.
  • Some of my favorite stations are: Hillsong, Christa Wells, Chris Tomlin, Bethany Dillon, Aaron Shust, and Contemporary Christian. Share in the comments what stations you love!

 9. One Thousand Gifts (FREE): 

  • Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts” forever changed my daily experience. Taking note of His daily gifts of grace. Communing with God through gratitude. Now keeping a list of gifts is even easier with this app.
  • Record gifts in text or with pictures.
  • Share gifts on social media (twitter & Facebook).

Encouragement Apps: 

 10. Reeder ($4.99):

  • There are so many wonderful blogs with encouraging content and truth. To keep track of your favorites, use Google Reader and sync it with this app.
  • What are some of your favorite blogs for solid Biblical teaching and encouragement?

Those are our top 10 apps for Spiritual Growth. Which ones would you add to the list?


Heather MacFadyen has been married for 13 years & is the mother of four young boys. In her “free time”, Heather writes for her blog, Her goal is to encourage other moms (and herself) to daily clothe themselves in humility by placing God in the center, so they can serve their families with joy and to bring God glory.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these apps. There were a few I hadn’t heard of, so that was neat. Here are a few of my favorite apps:

    Bible Study
    Blue Letter Bible–Great Bible study app! I use this several times a week.

    Bibllicious–This is a cute and fun Bible trivia game. Great way to increase one’s knowledge of the Word.

    Scripture Memory
    Verse Minder–from NavPress. This offers tips, stats, flashcards, hidden word game, and allows you to add your own memory verses to the ones that come with the app.

    Verse by Heart–This comes with verses and drills

    NIV Adventure Memory Game–This is designed for kids, but would be great for anyone wanting to memorize Scripture.
    Flashcard Touch–Though this is not a Bible memory app, I use it to make and store my flashcards for my memory verses.

    Praying God’s Word Prayer Cards–Based on Beth Moore’s book Praying God’s Word, these are cards to enhance your prayer time. I did notice only the first category of prayer topics is accessible. The rest of the categories you have to pay to get access. At least the first set is free.

    KWAVE 107.9–Radio Bible Teachings. These are excellent teachings from a variety of gifted pastors. I could listen to this station all day! Another Bible teaching radio app I like is 710 KFIA. But KWAVE is still my fave hands down!

    In Touch Ministries App–This app features the Bible teachings of Charles Stanley and is very well done.

    Harvest–This app features the Bible teachings of Greg Laurie and is another favorite of mine.

    103.9 The Fish–This is an app for this contemporary Christian Music radio station. Has commercials which Pandora doesn’t. You could use the Pandora app to create your own Christian radio station by telling it what artists or songs you like and make a list based on those likes.

    Finally, if you have preschool-first grade kids or grandkids, I just downloaded this free app called “365 Bible Promises for Little Hearts” It’s based off the book, and contains 30 devotions. The full version has yet to come out. Anyway, these devotions for kids are precious. My three year old loves these because the text is read out loud and the picture is animated when the child taps it. A fun way to get your kid to know God’s Word better.

    • Brooke!! these are amazing!! you’ve added another 10!! love it. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. One of the best parts of online community…sharing knowledge with one another. I will definitely be checking these out.

  2. What an incredibly useful list Heather. Thanks so much, there are some I didn’t know about in there that I am going to check out!

  3. I’m using the Remember Me app (android) for memorizing Romans 8. Very helpful!

  4. This is great! I have the You Version app and I LOVE it! I use it all the time. :)

    • That would definitely be my #1 used app. After researching for this post I really want to be better at using some of the other ones listed…instead of spending time on my phone on Facebook/twitter/etc. ;)

  5. Wow. If I had a smartphone, I would totally use so many of these! I love the idea of an app to help with Scripture Memory. That sounds so useful!

  6. Thanks Heather! I’ll pass this on to my iPhone-owning friends and family members. I’m working on a blog post about the free Droid apps I use for the Hello Mornings challenge, so some of these are on there. I just got a new phone so I will have to sync from my old one and reinstall a few things, but on my pandora I used to have Chris Tomlin, Brooke Fraser, Casting Crowns, Veggietales, Britt Nicole…

    • Thanks Joyce for sharing your favorite Pandora stations. I’m always on the look out for new options. Never thought about adding Veggietales! I’ll keep my eyes open for your post on free droid apps. let us know when it’s up.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I have 2 of those apps and excited to try some more. I’m definitely going to add the scripture memory apps!

  8. Wow! This is simply awesome… Thank you so much :)

  9. I just got an iPhone yesterday, so I’m excited to finally be able to utilize this post. Thanks, Heather!

  10. Daily Audio Bible! You can listen to the Bible on the go, and you go through the entire Bible in one year. Brian (who is the pastor who reads it) also gives his thoughts on the day’s reading and says a prayer. There’s also a whole community thing they’ve got going, so you can connect with other believers.

  11. Thanks for sharing, these are great!!

  12. I like Bible Minded by ABS for scripture memory, and Sproutville for engaging children!


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